Instructions for driving to Villa Julia

Villa Julia is situated on the beach at the bottom of the Kizilyer valley in “Sögüt Köyü” (not to be confused with “Karaca Sögüt” which is about half an hour the other side of Marmaris).  “Sögüt Köyü” is sometimes written as ' Sogut Koyu ', it is pronounced something like “soyoot kooyoo” spoken quickly.

There is more than one way of driving here, but the following is pretty easy to follow:

Leave Marmaris on the main road signposted for Datça and Bozburun.

After approximately 15 minutes/km, turn left at a junction signposted for Bozburun and some other villages.

Follow the road for 31 km and keep following the Bozburun signs. You will go through/past the villages of Hisarönu, Orhaniye (the gendarmes sometimes have a speed trap set up on the straight bits through the village) and Selimiye.

When you reach the outskirts of Bozburun you pass a graveyard on your left and soon after take a sharp turn left (it should be signposted to Sögüt).

Follow the road for 4.5 km, through scattered housing, past boat yards and up a valley.

When you reach a village sign saying “Sögüt Köyü” you are at the top of the valley. The road forks and either way you are heading down to the bottom of the valley, you can either:

  1. fork right and follow the road past a graveyard, fork left and keep following the road downhill, over a concrete bridge and up the other side (a bit steep and bumpy) to a `T' junction where you turn right and follow the road down to the fishing quay (`Kizilyer Iskele”). This is about 2 km. Alternatively:
  2. fork left and follow the road across the top of the valley, past the football pitch!, down over a ford and up a gradient to a junction where you turn right and keep following the road down to the fishing quay. This may be slightly more than 2 km.

You have reached the end of the road!!

Turn right and follow the edge of the sea to Villa Julia which is set on its own at the end of the beach!

If you have any problems:

The locals are very helpful; ask for the village and then in the village ask for “David, Penny & Julia”.

Also, you can call Penny's mobile 0533 544 78 33

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