Late 1800's "Kjerstine" was built at the Floytrup, Schmidt & Bilbrer yard in Nyborg, Denmark
18th June 1900 "Kjerstine" was launched and registered at Nyborg as a topsail schooner. She was registered as a fishing vessel but we have been led to believe that she was carrying stone from quarries to where there were sea defence works.  All information was recorded in great detail, but no engine was recorded as fitted.  Registered tonnage 48.48 Net tonnage 25.50.  Owner G.S. Kirk and Skipper M.B. Hou
26th May 1903 "Kjerstine" was conveyed to Harboore New Diving Company, Fjaltring Diving Company and Fjaltring Trans Diving Company
10th January 1917 "Kjerstine was conveyed to the "Shipping Co. Diver - Schooner Kjerstine" Lemvig, and this was registered on 11th March, 1918.  The company was liquidated on 13th February, 1922
28th September 1922 "Kjerstine" was renamed "Anne"
2nd October 1922 A 19 horsepower 4 stroke engine was recorded by the State Ship Inspectorate
26th January 1923 "Anne" was renamed "Martha".
Other registered changes under the name of "Martha"  were recorded on 3rd March, 1923, 29th June, 1929 (registered at Rodvig, Denmark), 6th June, 1929, 22nd May, 1939 (changed from "Schooner" to "Motorship"), 15th May 1942, 22nd May, 1957 and 21st January, 1959
At some stage, probably quite early in her career, her rig was changed to the more fashionable ketch rig.
12th January 1967 "Martha" was sold to Brandinspekter Svend Eld
8th February 1967 "Martha" was registered at Arhus, Denmark.  Registered tonnage still 48.48  and Net tonnage 25.50.  Two cylinder 64 horsepower motor.
8th August 1974 "Martha" was sold by Brandinspekteur Svend Eld (Denmark) to Kapitan Hans-Peter von Holdt (of Hamburg, Germany).  By now she only had one "quarter deck" mast.
28th August 1975 "Juliane von Holdt" Rhea  was registered at Kiel, Germany (named after Hans-Peter von Holdt's daughter).  She had one engine (no details), a new jib boom and a new mast.  Her tonnage was registered as 117.90 and net 41.62. The owners were Kapitan Hans-Peter von Holdt and Bernhard Gumb


"Juliane von Holdt" was used as touristic attraction at Hornum on the island of Sylt in the North Sea.  She ran short "duty free" trips and trips to the seal reservations. (Information about this period kindly supplied by Stefan von Holdt, son of Hans-Peter).

Late '80's "Rhea" was chartering in Turkish waters under Bernhard Gumb
1989/1990 "Rhea" purchased and recommissioned by us.
1997 "Rhea" was returned to her original topsail schooner rig.

We hope to get more information with regard to Rhea's owners, the nature of her trade and her history, watch this space for more details

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