Cuisine aboard RHEA is a delight, using the freshest, finest ingredients tailored to individual guests, including vegetarian and special dietary needs.  

Breakfast on fresh fruit, yoghurt, home mixed meusli, porridge, cereals, scotch pancakes, cheeses, eggs, omelettes or a full English breakfast ..... the choice is yours.  

Lunch on a selection of salads with something 'light' or something 'substantial'.

Evening dining could be ashore sampling the local flavours, or on board with a tempting soup or entree, fine fish, lobster or melt in the mouth meat with a variety of vegetables and delicious desserts.

Throughout the day the crew are happy to serve a selection of teas, coffees, cold drinks, snacks and fruit.

R H E A - menu  ideas for a week

Lunch: Smoked salmon trout and a selection of cold meats / Tomato salad with dill / Green salad / Carrot salad with honey & ginger / Bulgar salad  /Mixed melon with a selection of fruits and cheeses

Dinner: Fresh tomato bisque with basil / Poached sea bass / Herb potatoes, grilled peppers and baked courgettes / Chocolate orange mousse with cream

Lunch:  Pasta bolognese / Green salad / Salami, apple & new potato mayonnaise / A selection of fruits & cheeses

Dinner: Mushrooms a la greque / Fillet steak with roquefort sauce / Stuffed tomatoes, lemon carrots & baked potatoes / Green salad / Honey & hazelnut crepes

Lunch: Moussaka / Tomato salad with basil / Green salad / Red cabbage, Sultana, apple & walnut salad / A selection of fruits and cheeses

Dinner: Smoked salmon / Fresh lobster / Quail eggs / Rice & pineapple salad / Mixed salad / Lemon courgette salad / Apricot & orange mousse with cream

Lunch : Chicken with fresh cherries in tarragon cream / Pasta salad / Aubergine esme /  White cabbage, pineapple & grape salad / Tomato salad /  A selection of fruits and cheeses

Dinner: Fresh crab salad / Roast lamb / Potatoes normand / Red cabbage with orange / French beans &carrots / Pears in red wine

Lunch: Quiche lorraine / Hot dogs with fried peppers & onion / Stuffed peppers / Tomato salad with dill / Turkish bean salad / Peach & feta salad / A selection of fruits & salads

Dinner:  / Beach barbecued fillet steak, chicken, lamb & burgers / Baked potatoes, Fresh sweet corn & / Ratatouille / Green salad / Tarte tatin

Lunch: Sea bream / Mixed salad / Green bean salad / Tomato salad with mozzarella / Rice salad / A selection of fruits & cheeses

Dinner: Cheese souffle / Pork fillet with carrot, cream & walnut / Special rice / Mixed leaf salad / Caramelised oranges &/or Creme caramel

Lunch:  / Lemon & rosemary chicken breast / Potato salad / Giant greek beans / Tomato salad / Courgette Salad / A selection of fruits and cheeses

Dinner:  / French onion soup / Seafood pasta with white wine & cream sauce / Mixed salad / Strawberry souffle

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