surfing behind the speedboat

For those feeling active, there are plenty of watersports

Enjoy our Avon  R.I.B.  with 50hp Evinrude E-Tec:...... Waterski...... Wakeboard..... Be towed on the windsurfer..... Ride the sea biscuit ("doughnut").......

Go snorkelling and marvel at colours and fish in crystal clear waters
Go kayaking in the canoe and explore the beautiful coastline
Go windsurfing and blast across a bay

planing on a windsurfer

swimming in turquoise waters

Practice diving or jumping from RHEA's decks or bowsprit, or even from the rigging!  How many rungs up the ratlines can you jump from?  No modern boat has "yard-arms" to hang a rope from for the ultimate in "swing and drop" (addictive and and competetive for the the young or young at heart..... take the rope out onto the bowsprit, swing along beside the boat, then let go and drop into the sea with as much style and panache as possible)


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